We have a rule in our house that if someone complains that they’re bored they have to go sit on the couch and feel their boredom.

I know, it’s a little crazy. I think it’s important to learn how to be okay with uncomfortable feelings, like boredom. 😉

The other day my son had a friend over. My son was in the middle of doing one of his chores when his friend came up to me and complained that he’s…bored!

My house, my rules. Right?

I told him about our rule and requested that he sit on the couch and really feel through his boredom.

My son, overhearing our conversation, yells out to his friend in a panic, “She’s serious! She’s going to make you sit on the couch!”

Apparently this “feeling your boredom” thing is worse than I thought!

Kids, when bored, kvetch to their mothers.

Mothers, when bored, often turn to food.

And for good reason. Food is exciting. It gives us that “pick-me-up” of great flavors, textures, and colors.

And it satisfies our boredom for a few seconds.

And then our boredom reappears.

Because, it turns out, it was not food we needed then.

We just needed to allow ourselves to be bored.

And feel through the boredom.

Try it.

It might not be as scary as you think.